Established in 2015

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We are a small startup with big ambitions in mind

Krosbit have been created to fill the space that it's still currently visible in the Web Developing Market. Our mission is to deliver exceptional services at reasonable costs, becoming a valid alternative to bigger brands that often overcharge the customer reducing their quality over time. We are certified in a wide area of competence and we can support any type of customer from the Small Startup to medium Size Company.

Let's grow together

Our Mission

At Krosbit we always put the customer first, that's why we offer ourself as creator of ideas and not of products, because at Krosbit we understand that every product is business need is different and so our services have to be.

We offer a wide selections of services, starting from Web Hosting in House to Web Development, spacing to Graphics Creations and Virtual Infrastructure and this is just the beginning.

At Krosbit we believe that collaboration is the key, that's why we have partnered with multiple small business reality in order to make our services possibile. Instead of hiring people ourself, we have a dedicated team of small business in charge of different departments of our company.

We see Krosbit growing in the coming years and we understand that these are not easy times, that's why from us you can expect the maximum support you really deserve.

CEO & Founder at Krosbit