Fixed Quote Website Creation

Starting from
£250.00 GBP
  • This is a legenda of the different options

This service will allow you to have your personalised website custom made for you, at a fixed price.

in the following section you'll see configurable options that will allow to choose how do you prefer your website and it will automatically calculate the cost of the service for you.

CMS Installation - this is the platform of your website, where it's gonna be built on. To read more about this option you can click here

Number of Pages - This indicate how many page you want in your website.

Website Template - Your website graphic. We use templates to simplify the process and we have split them in 2 categories, Standard and Premium. To learn more about this option you can click here.

E-Commerce - This will allow your website to host a Online Shop where you will be able to sell goods to your customers.

SEO Optimisation - PLACEHOLDER

Multi-Language Website - PLACEHOLDER

WordPress and WHMCS integration by i-Plugins